Chromebook Distribution

Dear Parents and Families,

Thank you for your great interest in the continued education of your children during the statewide school closure.

At today’s Chromebook distribution, the demand was much higher than we anticipated. On Monday, March 30 we will again distribute Chromebooks at the same locations and times (noon-12:30pm) to meet the demand we experienced today.

Due to the high demand, we will only be able to check out one Chromebook per family. This will allow more families to stay connected to learning during the school closure.  We also want to remind you that any computer that is able to access the internet is also able to access the learning resources available on our website.  A Chromebook is not required for this access. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Keep checking the district web site, Facebook page, and your email for updates. And, should you be checking out a Chromebook on Monday, remember to maintain social distancing. Stay healthy.

Thank you.

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School Counseling Resources

Dear Longview Families:

During the school closure, our district wants to provide access to school counseling and behavioral health resources. Please access the links below for resources that are specific to your child’s needs.  We will be updating this information regularly as additional resources are identified to share with you. Click on the link for each category below to access the resources.

Helping Children and Adolescents Cope with Disasters and Other Traumatic Events:
A publication from the National Institute of Mental Health to serve as a resource to parents/guardians, rescue workers and the community.

Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus:
This is a resource from the Child Mind Institute to help families talk with children who are stressed about the Coronavirus.  In addition to this article, there are additional resources for families at this site.

Talking with Kids about the News:
This is a resource from Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) that has numerous resources supporting children with emotions and self-awareness to help children distress about the Coronavirus that can be accessed by grade level as well as information from parents and experts on how to establish new home routines when schools are closed.  Resources are available in English and Spanish.

How Teenagers can Protect Their Mental Health During the Coronavirus:
This is an article produced by Unicef that provides six strategies for teens facing a new (temporary) normal.

Character Tree
Kindergarten and 1st grade free resources (including videos)to learn character skills with a “Mr. Rogers” feel.

Interactive games for K-Middle school reviewing important social emotional skills including Zoo Academy (K and 1) Zoo U (2nd and 3rd), SS Grin (3rd-5th) and Hall of Heroes (5th-7th grade) great messages and skills to work on as a family!

Virginia Career View:
Career exploration games and activities for researching career paths at all grade levels.

O-Net Online:
A tool for career exploration with detailed description of the world of work.  Best for 9th – 12th grade students.

Career One Stop:
In depth information about 900 different occupations (best for 8th – 12th grade).

Career Bridge:
A Washington State Career exploration, college, and training options website.

4-Year Public Colleges in WA state:

2-year Community or Technical Colleges in WA state:

4-Year and 2-Year Colleges (Out of state/Private) College Board’s Big Future:

Peterson’s College Information Guide:

Apprenticeship Programs:

Apprenticeship Program of Study:

Military Training:

Community Behavioral Health Support 


If there is a life-threatening emergency, please call 911. Crisis Response Services provides a cohesive response system 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, serving people of all ages and cultures who are experiencing a crisis.

Website containing the resources (medical, dental, housing, and many more) available in our community for students, parents and families.

Please contact 2-1-1 Info for comprehensive information and referral focused on health and social services. By Phone: simply dial 2-1-1 from any phone.

If you have a current Provider One ID Card and are going to a covered medical service within your community, you may be eligible for Medical Transportation.  Phone lines are open Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm excluding the lunch hour and holidays. Please call at least 7-14 days in advance. Cowlitz County: 1–800-752-9422, Option 2.


Intake phone:  360.423.0203   720 14th Avenue, Second Floor, Longview, WA

Columbia Wellness has caring professionals who can assist with any difficulty that individuals or families may be experiencing. Staff are professionally trained, highly skilled, and eager to serve. This organization has provided quality service to this community since 1953.  Most insurance plans accepted.

Intake phone:  360-200-5419   748 14th Ave, Longview, WA

CORE Health’s mission is to provide comprehensive, integrated behavioral health services that promote the health and quality of life of our community members. They strive to create and maintain an environment that is warm and welcoming, values diversity and difference, provides safety, and promotes whole health by supporting individual’s and family’s along their recovery journey. Medicaid insurance accepted.

Intake phone: 360-353-9422   922 Fir St, Longview

The goal of the Cowlitz Indian Tribal Health Clinic is to provide a Holistic Approach to Health Care that promotes Disease Prevention, Treatment, and Education. Services include individual Counseling, Crisis Counseling, Grief Counseling, Psychological Evaluations, Medication Management, Youth Services, and Positive Indian Parenting Classes.  Any enrolled American Indian / Alaskan Native (AI/AN) of a Federally Recognized Tribe is eligible for services. Most insurance plans accepted.

Intake phone: 360-577-7442    309 Oak St, Kelso, WA

A First Place’s dedicated and caring staff provide co-occurring behavioral health services in a professional and friendly atmosphere. Our facility offers several different treatment options that work best for your student and your family.  Call us for more details on how we can help. Most insurance plans accepted.

Intake phone:  360-414-8600 945 – 11th Avenue, Suite B, Longview

Northwest Psychological Resources offers a wide range of mental health services provided by caring professionals with the highest qualifications. Each clinician is independent and sets his or her own fees without restriction or regulation by Northwest Psychological Resources. Most insurance plans accepted.

Intake phone:  360-414-2222      600 Broadway, First Floor, Longview

Peace Health Medical Group has a comprehensive system of care that serves children, adolescents, adults and seniors struggling with issues of chemical dependency and/or emotional distress. Our providers are experienced medical doctors, advance registered nurse practitioners, psychologists and social workers. Most insurance plans accepted, but not Medicaid.

Intake phone: 360-261-7020 1710 Allen Street, Kelso WA

Our providers use multidisciplinary practices to develop and maintain individualized treatment goals for each client. Our well-trained professional team consists of mental health therapists, chemical dependency counselors, psychiatric advanced registered nurse practitioners and psychiatrists. Patients are encouraged to have their families and members of their social support system participate in treatment. We specialize in providing culturally competent services, and our staff members have received intense training on evidence-based practices to ensure that we provide the best tools to help our patients lead healthy lives. Medicaid insurance accepted.

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School Calendar Updates

Dear Parents and Families,

The school closure ordered by Governor Inslee has changed the school calendar for the 2019-20 school year. Below is a revised school calendar for this year, but please know it could  change as the corona virus situation unfolds. Please visit the district web site regularly for updates.

Some changes to note:

  • The updated calendar reflects the state ordered school closure dates of March 16 through April 24, as directed by Governor Inslee.
  • Previously scheduled weather make up days May 8 and June 12 are now scheduled as in-school days.
  • The school year has been extended through the week of June 15-19 per the new state requirement due to the school closure.
  • The revised school board calendar pending school board approval.

Thank you.

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Learning Resources for Families

Welcome families! During this time of school closure, we want to provide some optional learning resources to use with your children. The the links below will offer a list of websites that provide lessons, activities, games and other learning tools. These lists are organized by subject area such as, reading, math, science, and social studies. All of the resources are free, but in some cases you may need to sign up for a free account.

Click on the grade group below to access your student’s list of learning resources.


Clever is an easy way for students to access all of the learning applications they use at school. It allows them to access all of their learning applications with a single username and password, or by using a Clever Badge. To access Clever click here.

Success in accessing district online resources like Clever and iReady depend upon what device you are using and how you are going about logging in.  Access to district k-8 reading and math online instruction is found in an application called iReady.  The portal to access iReady is an application called Clever (  Longview students will select the Log In with Google from the Clever login page and enter their District-provided Google email address and password. Personal Gmail accounts will not work.

Once logged into Clever you will see the student home page with a variety of applications of which iReady is one.

To launch iReady online lessons, click on the iReady application

Students will be given a simple choice – Reading or math.  The level of instruction is set by the student’s previous (January/February) iReady diagnostic test results.

  1. We recommend you use a Chrome browser on a Mac or PC.  Firefox and Microsoft Edge will also work.  Avoid Internet Explorer.
  2. iPads work, but will work better when there is an iPad app for site you want to access.  There is an Clever app (available through the app store). This is also true for several other resources such as Khan Academy.
  3. When you log your student(s) into Clever, select the Login with Google from the login page and enter the student’s username and password.
  4. Providing access for more than one student on a device can be tricky.  Chromebooks are easy – just login individually with the district Google username/password.

The following screen shots are for logging in on a PC using Chrome.  The process is the same on a Mac using a Chrome browser though the look is different:

Notice on the screen shot of the Clever login page below that I am logged into the chrome browser.  When I click on Login with Google, the browser loads my profile causing the login error.

You can add your children’s login on your browser by clicking on the circle user icon in the upper right-hand corner (show with a picture, icon or initial)

Enter your student’s district-provided Google account email and password.  In the following screen shot, you can see that I have now that I have added my daughter’s account.

Now, when I login to Clever, I have a choice to choose my Google account or my daughter’s account.

Please direct any additional questions to Bill Ofstun ( )

Grades K-2
Grades 6-8
Grades 3-5
Grades 9-12
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Longview School District Meal Service Locations and Times

The school district meal service program is helping serve kids in need during this challenging time. Please see some recent changes to the meal program below.

*During the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order, Longview Public Schools will continue providing meal service for anyone under 18 years old* Meal service will continue during spring break, as well.

Please note, as of Friday, March 20, a new meal distribution location has been added in the parking lot behind Community House on Broadway. Also, starting Monday, March 23, meals will no longer be served at Roy Morse park due to low turnout. Those receiving meals at Roy Morse park have been redirected to other convenient locations.

Longview Public School Meal Service Locations and Times:
Meal Offering: Grab n’ Go breakfast and lunch served on weekdays to any person 0 to 18 years of age.

Static Sites
Meal Service 12:00pm -12:30pm, Monday through Friday

  1. St. Helens Elementary – Main Office Entrance
  2. Kessler Elementary – Main Office Entrance
  3. Monticello Middle School – Main Office Entrance
  4. Northlake Elementary – Main Office Entrance
  5. Columbia Heights Elementary – Main Office Entrance
  6. Mint Valley Elementary – Main Office Entrance

Mobile Delivery Sites
Meal Service 11:45am to 12:00pm, Monday through Friday

  1. Baker’s Corner Store parking lot – 5601 Ocean Beach Hwy, Longview
  2. Archie Anderson Park – 22nd Ave & Alabama St, Longview

Meal Service 12:15pm to 12:30pm, Monday through Friday

  1. Youth and Family Link parking lot – 907 Douglas St, Longview
  2. Community House on Broadway = 1335 11th Avenue, Longview (in parking lot behind building by Evangel Christian Fellowship)
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Coronavirus Update

Student and staff safety and well-being are top priorities of Longview Public Schools.  To this end, I wanted to give you a quick update on the COVID-19 situation.

We continue to be in regular contact with Cowlitz County and SW Washington health officials and as of this writing, there are no confirmed cases of the virus in Cowlitz County or SW Washington. For now, Longview schools will continue operating on normal schedules.  Please keep in mind that this is a constantly evolving situation.  We are continuously monitoring the situation and updating our contingency plans related to COVID-19.  Should there be any changes in this status, we will inform you as soon as feasible.

Meanwhile, the best thing you can do is:


For more information, visit:

We understand that this issue is at the top of all of our minds and please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions.

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Seeking Elementary School Principal

Longview Public Schools has started recruiting for a principal at Columbia Heights Elementary School.
If you or someone you know is interested in applying please download the the recruitment flyer below.

Columbia Heights Principal Recruitment Flyer

For more information, please contact our Human Resources Department at: (360) 575-7000

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Employee Recognition – MOTF

Our Maintenance, Operations and Transportation Facility (MOTF) group would like to recognize the following employees:

Loren Bradshaw, a district electrician, has spent many of his Saturdays helping out when unexpected events occurred.  On more than one occasion he has gone over to the Olympic Elementary School gym to shut down the fire alarm when the beam detectors had been set off. On another occasion, he fixed the backboard of the basketball hoop just in time for an R.A. Long basketball game. Loren has done a lot for this district and we appreciate him greatly. Loren and his wife, Annette, also go to R.A. Long and Mark Morris High School games whenever they can, even though they don’t have kids in school anymore!

The Facilities team would also like to recognize Krista Coleman and Rosie Carter for their work on the district’s facility usage calendars. The Facilities department recently decided to switch their facility usage calendar from a vendor called, “SchoolDude”, to Google Calendars. In less than one week, Krista and Rosie created new Google Calendars for each school, and transferred all of the existing events from SchoolDude to Google Calendars and got it running seamlessly on the district web site. Prior to the new calendars going live, Krista went to each of the schools and offered assistance with Google Calendars.

We appreciate these employees and all the work they have done for Maintenance and Facilities team!

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