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Longview, WA, USA


First Day at Kinder Bridge

Kinder Bridge is Longview’s free early learning kindergarten prep program for 4-year-olds. It provides qualified students with a high-quality early learning experience and is designed to provide an equitable start for children who have not previously been able to access early learning experiences because of barriers like cost. This program started on Monday, November 1st, 2022. See below for pictures of the first week of Kinder Bridge! 

Kinder Bridge Student on floor playing with toys
group of Kinder Bridge students pointing at lesson on whiteboard
Kinder Bridge students lined up at the door
group of Kinder Bridge students on the floor playing with toys
Group of Kinder Bridge students sitting on benches
two students playing with toys at table
group of students playing with toys on floor
Student at table playing math game
Student at desk eating lunch
Students playing games on the floor
Students doing crafts at a table
Students learning games with teacher
Students lined up, leaving bus with teacher leading them
Students approaching Broadway from bus
Two students sitting on a bench
students eating lunch
students lined up, walking down the hall