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Fibre Federal Gifts Mural to Broadway

October 2020, Fibre Federal painted a mural for Broadway Learning Center. We interviewed the project manager, Heather Snyder, about this fantastic donation to our Longview School's building. Here is what she said. 

"Fibre Federal Credit Union is very community-focused.  For the month of October, each department or branch was given $200 to benefit our community in some way. We were really inspired by many departments who purchased and delivered supplies for area non-profits. But here in the Marketing Department, I wanted to leverage the incredible artistic talents of my teammates Nuie Ingram, Graphic Designer, and Chelsea Eddington, Marketing Specialist, to make a lasting impact with our budget. I suggested a mural to them, and they enthusiastically agreed!  Because of our ongoing relationship with the Broadway Learning Center over the years (volunteering in the classrooms and donating snack supplies), we reached out to Principal Megan Shea, who was very excited about the idea. We toured the school with Megan, and selected an ideal wall space outside, facing 7th Avenue. We chose it because it presented high visibility to the community at large, it didn't mar Broadway's beautiful internal walls, and it wasn't too high (Chelsea and Nuie don't like heights/ladders!). 

Megan then reached out to her team for mural ideas.  The recurring themes were children, butterflies, reading, learning, and playing. Based on this feedback, Chelsea sketched out silhouetted children chasing butterflies escaping from a book. To us, it represents the boundless ideas and creativity that reading provides.  We shared the sketch with Megan, who ran it by the district superintendent, who gave it almost instantaneous approval. 

From there, Chelsea and Nuie colorized the sketch and created a grid system so it could be replicated on the wall.  Broadway's staff was extremely,  helpful: they immediately removed signs and pressure washed the wall in preparation. Over the course of a couple weeks, my husband and daughter (Mark Morris HS) and I applied two coats of primer, then came back later to apply the blue background and gridlines. Cheslea, Nuie, and Nuie's husband arrived the next day to sketch the mural. It turned out remarkably like the original sketch! Then came the fun part: painting! We selected a rainbow of paint colors. The less talented among us painted in the children, book, and vines, and Chelsea and Nuie tackled the butterflies.

We obviously took longer than the month of October and we went over budget, but we couldn't be happier with the end product. We spent multiple weekends painting in rainy weather, and it felt amazing to complete the wall November 15. It makes us so happy to think of the children and teachers enjoying the mural, and maybe even picking out their favorite butterfly.

I am extremely thankful to work for an employer who is such a good community neighbor. They have empowered my co-workers and me to form lasting relationships with area non-profits, as well as other very worthy causes such as Broadway Learning Center, in order to provide meaningful support.  Volunteering together outside of work also allows us to get to know each on a more personal level, which really elevates our level of teamwork in the office."

- Heather Snyder, Marketing Manager at Fibre Federal 


We would like to thank Heather Snyder, Nuie Ingram, Chelsea Eddington, their families, and Fibre Federal for this beautiful mural! 

Chelsea and Nuie Painting Broadway Mural
Mural Painting
Mural in Progress
Mural in Progress 2
Mural in Progress 3
Mural in Progress 4
Mural in Progress 5
Mural Finished with Painters by it's side
Mural Before
Final Mural