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Longview, WA, USA


School Supplies

Gallon size Ziplock Bags

1 Bottle Elmer’s School Glue

12 pack of crayons (please label)

2 packages sturdy small paper plates

3 boxes 5 oz paper cups

2 boxes Kleenex

1 package Crayola Washable Markers

Standard Size Backpack, to be brought to school every day (Please label)

Diapers or pullups, and wipes for your child, if not yet potty trained

2 packages baby wipes for classroom

4 boxes of nonperishable non-expired snacks (without nuts)

3 Containers of Clorox Wipes

1 pkg Paper Napkins

Cloth face mask for your child, replace as needed


We also have some items on our classroom wish list that are optional for you to contribute.  It is not required that wish list items be sent, however, if you can send some of the items it is greatly appreciated: 

Paper Bowls

Plastic Spoons

Pre‚Äźsharpened Colored Pencils

Purrel hand sanitizer

Cotton balls

Cotton swabs

Clear contact paper