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Meet your Principal

Patrick Kelley
Patrick KelleyPrincipal
A caring and enriched environment for special kids with special needs.
Broadway Preschool Special Education Services support young children to develop the skills necessary to participate successfully in school and daily living by providing high quality instruction and partnerships with families and related community organizations.

Principal update

Welcome Back Broadway Families

Welcome back to Broadway Learning Center! If you are new to Broadway, we hope your experience here is positive for both your child and you. Broadway is home to the Longview School District Special Education Preschool Services (3 and 4 year old classrooms) and Extended Day Support Services for students with autism, speech and motor services. We also provide consultants to Lower Columbia College ECEAP classrooms, Early Head Start, and Adult English as a Second Language classes. All of the staff members at Broadway are committed to serving your child and family with a high quality program as we begin a new school year together.

In order to keep current in our records, please complete and return the “Student Registration form,” the “Student Transportation form” and the “Housing  Questionnaire form” by August 23. These can either be dropped off in the main office at Broadway or mailed back to us. Providing updates to emergency contacts, medications, changes in phone numbers and/or address, and transportation needs and critical information will ensure a smoother start to the new school year.

The “Longview School District Housing Questionnaire.” We are charged under the McKinney-Vento Act to inform people in temporary living situations who may have benefits due them.  After school starts, teachers will also be sending home a short half-page card, “Student Information Card,” to complete and return to your teacher. Please be sure to have this card and the questionnaire completed and returned by the end of the first week of school, September 8.

All schools in the Longview School District release one hour early on Wednesdays. Broadway will continue with Early Release Wednesdays for the 2017-2018 school year. Students in our PM classes will be dismissed at 2:45 PM on Wednesdays only beginning September 6, 2017 through June 6, 2018. This does not include the PIC class.

Our daily schedule for classes has not changed. The following is a reminder of the daily schedule.

Morning Sessions (3 year olds)

9:00-Morning session begins – Students picked up at double doors off of parking lot.
11:20-Lunches served to students.
11:50-Morning session ends – Students are loaded on buses or picked up by parent (Parents, please be at the double doors prior to 11:50.)


Afternoon Sessions (4 – 5 year olds)

1:00-Afternoon session begins – Students picked up at double doors off of parking lot.
3:45-(Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday) Afternoon session ends – Students are loaded on buses or picked up by parent (Parents, please be at the double doors prior to 3:45.)
2:45-(Wednesdays only) Afternoon sessions end for classrooms except for the PIC Room. Students are loaded on buses or picked up by parent (Parents, please be at the double doors prior to 2:45.) Teacher Shilah’s/Crystal’s class (PIC ROOM) is not a part of the Early Release days – release at 3:45.

New Faces

Please join me in welcoming the following new staff:

  • Room 4 (formerly Room 3) – Teacher Brianna Nelson.
  • Room 6 (formerly Room 5) – Teacher Shilah Nickerson
  • Room 12 (formerly Room 10 – Teacher Andrea Feller
  • Teacher Alex continues at Broadway in a new capacity working with Head Start/ECEAP. Her office will be in Room 16.

Room Numbers

You might have noticed above that we have renumbered our rooms, deleting room numbers that were ½’s, and giving visual presence to rooms formerly not numbered. This is preparation for school safety improvements giving emergency personnel, parents, and other visitors a better sense of the location of rooms. Later this fall we will be adding hanging door signs for each room that can be seen from either end of the hall.

I am looking forward to seeing old faces and the addition of new friends!

If you have not watch the live tour of Broadway on the district’s web page, it is something you need to see in regards to the needs of the building.

See you soon!

August 16th, 2017|
  • Language: Receptive, Expressive, Articulation, Autism
  • Cognitive: Memory, Kindergarten Readiness (Pre-reading, Pre-math)
  • Social-Emotional: behavior (self-control) and self-regulation strategies, Autism
  • Gross/Fine Motor: Muscle and skill development, sensory (autism)
  • Adaptive skills
  • High quality, developmentally appropriate, engaging, challenging, research-based.
  • Preschool Standards based upon Washington State’s Kindergarten Standards in Reading, Writing & Math.
  • Data driven on individual student needs. IEP goals are embedded within the curriculum and instruction.
  • Small class size with a child-adult ratio of 3-1 (Fall); 5-1 (Spring)
  • Child centered tools (toys, materials, etc) to address sensory, language, and motor needs.
  • Highly qualified certificated teachers
    • Masters of Education/Early Childhood Education
    • Special Education endorsements
    • Specifically trained for working with students 3 to 5 years of age
  • Comprehensive Service specifically addressing students on the autism spectrum. (PIC classroom and Extended Day classroom)
  • MDT/Evaluation/Annual IEP Reviews
  • Progress  Reports/Conferencing (Fall & Spring)
  • Family events (September – Open House, October – Curriculum Night, November – “For the Children Bazaar” & The Feast, January – Curriculum Night, May – Art Beat, June – Graduation (4-5 yr. olds going to kindergarten) & Carnival
  • Supporting Agencies: Life Works/ARC of Cowlitz County, Youth & Family Link, Progress Center (birth to 3 yr old), DSHS, CASA, St. John’s Medical Center, Pediatric Clinic, Columbia Wellness, Head Start/ECEAP, and other medical providers
  • Home visits by Broadway staff.
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