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Meet your Principal

Megan Shea-BatesPrincipal
A caring and enriched environment for special kids with special needs.

Broadway Early Learning Center supports the development of young children through high quality instruction, services, and partnerships with families and community organizations. Our goal is to guide the development of skills and behaviors necessary for success in school, and in life, while providing developmentally appropriate opportunities through an enriching and caring environment based on individual needs.

Principal update

An Important Message from Our Principal

A video message from Principal Shea-Bates regarding the start of 2020-21 school year.

August 11th, 2020|
  • Language: Receptive, Expressive, Articulation, Autism
  • Cognitive: Memory, Kindergarten Readiness (Pre-reading, Pre-math)
  • Social-Emotional: behavior (self-control) and self-regulation strategies, Autism
  • Gross/Fine Motor: Muscle and skill development, sensory (autism)
  • Adaptive skills
  • High quality, developmentally appropriate, engaging, challenging, research-based.
  • Preschool Standards based upon Washington State’s Kindergarten Standards in Reading, Writing & Math.
  • Data driven on individual student needs. IEP goals are embedded within the curriculum and instruction.
  • Small class size with a child-adult ratio of 3-1 (Fall); 5-1 (Spring)
  • Child centered tools (toys, materials, etc) to address sensory, language, and motor needs.
  • Highly qualified certificated teachers
    • Masters of Education/Early Childhood Education
    • Special Education endorsements
    • Specifically trained for working with students 3 to 5 years of age
  • Comprehensive Service specifically addressing students on the autism spectrum. (PIC classroom and Extended Day classroom)
  • MDT/Evaluation/Annual IEP Reviews
  • Progress  Reports/Conferencing (Fall & Spring)
  • Family events (September – Open House, October – Curriculum Night, November – “For the Children Bazaar” & The Feast, January – Curriculum Night, May – Art Beat, June – Graduation (4-5 yr. olds going to kindergarten) & Carnival
  • Supporting Agencies: Life Works/ARC of Cowlitz County, Youth & Family Link, Progress Center (birth to 3 yr old), DSHS, CASA, St. John’s Medical Center, Pediatric Clinic, Columbia Wellness, Head Start/ECEAP, and other medical providers
  • Home visits by Broadway staff.
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