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Megan Shea

Titles: Principal

Jessica Waldo

Titles: Secretary

Welcome Broadway School Family!

Dear Broadway Families and Students,

We are excited at the Broadway Learning Center for the 2020-21 school year! If your student and your family are new to Broadway, we welcome you to our school family! Broadway is home to the Longview School District Special Education Preschool Services (ages 3, 4, and 5). We also provide consultants to Lower Columbia Colleges ECEAP classrooms, and Early Head Start. All of the staff at Broadway are committed to serving your child with high-quality instruction.

As the Principal of Broadway, I truly believe this school family and community is amazing. A little about myself is I grew up and graduated from Longview School District. I have taught in Arizona as well as Seattle. I completed a Preschool through 3rd grade graduate program through the University of Washington to gain a broader perspective on alignment in our K-12 system to early learning programs. Early Childhood Education is the key to success for students later in their educational career, and we have a wonderful staff here at Broadway. We will be focusing on how to manage our “upsets” and learn to use the classroom safe place as an avenue to calm ourselves. We also implement Baby Doll Circle Time weekly with our students to gain skills around empathy, joint attention, and connections. Our goal is for students to learn to regulate themselves through appropriate strategies. Be looking for your student practicing the “STAR” – Smile, Take a deep breath, And Relax! You can practice too!

In 2020-21, our younger students will continue to come four days a week while our older students will attend five days a week. Please see the change in schedule below. This will still allow Friday mornings to be a time when we assess incoming students, and collaborate as a staff to meet the needs of your child and our classrooms. We added a fifth day to our afternoon session so our students who transition to Kinder the following school year get that schedule of five days a week to be better prepared.

Our daily schedule is as follows:

Wishing you well,

Megan M. Shea-Bates, Principal at Broadway

May 21st, 2020